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What Your Dreams Say About Your Health

Cheryl Mascarenhas Mar 22, 2020
Are you paying attention to the minute details in your dreams? They could be telling you of your physical and mental health.

Quick Fact

According to dreamresearch of the University of California Santa Cruz, most of us, over the age of 10, dream at least 4 to 6 times per night. But nearly all of us forget 95-99% of dreams.
Blame it on stress, anxiety or whatever it is that you want, but recurring themes in dreams often have an underlying cause of concern. Dreams after all, have the power to provide solutions, stir hidden emotions and even warn about upcoming dangers.
For it is through dreams that we unleash the unconscious mind with all its fears and anxieties that have somewhat been subjugated to the abyss of the unknown.
The wonderful world of dreams, allows us to take precautions and even avoid certain circumstances. There is no ounce of doubt that, our dreams not just root themselves in the unconscious but also, draw a lot from our waking lives.
Imagine dreaming of a broken-down house often. What could this possibly mean, you would ask? Well, for one, the house could be symbolic for your own body that is deteriorating with time and age.
Worrying about such a trivial question is not a solution here, on the other hand, the very thought of deterioration should compel you to take action. How do you do that? Well, the answer is pretty much simple, if you begin to analyze your situation with a rational mind.
Undoubtedly, it would be foolish not to acknowledge the prowess of your dreams, especially the recurring ones. They could, in most cases, give you a warning about your health. And as they say, health is definitely no laughing matter, you better take what you see literally.
Not every dream could mean the same, it just is a matter of opinion and perception. We would suggest you consult a doctor to confirm your deepest fears mentioned here.

The Burning Furnace

Have you been walking on coals in your dreams? Or, are you simply waking up because you have been dreaming about a burning furnace?
Well, you better consult your doctor at the earliest. There have been patients who have said that such dreams have alerted them to illnesses like breast cancer, and heart diseases. On the same lines, recurring dreams about snakebite and ugly sores, could refer to cancer.
Seeing something once doesn't make it happen in reality. You might have to pay attention to your health, if you see such a dream consecutively over a period of time.

The Fact: Cancerous cells growing in the body are known to generate heat which explains the dream about traveling through a furnace.

Gasping for Air

How many times have you been dreaming of drowning, or even crawling through a hole gasping for breath? If this has happened consistently, it could be a pointer to an apparent lung disease.
Dreaming about crawling through a hole that does not have sufficient oxygen is sure to give you the creeps. So is it when you dream about drowning, gasping for a breath of air. If these dreams have been recurring for the past few months or on a regular bases, it's time you went and got your lungs checked.
The lungs are associated with breathing and it is probably your lungs sending you an SOS signal. You would definitely not want to take your lungs for granted.

The Fact: Shortness of breath and chest tightness are in fact, symptoms of asthma.

Frozen Limbs

Unable to move a limb? Do you find yourself stuck in ice or wading with difficulty through water? Such dreams are sure to paralyze you in your sleep, but do they have any more relevancy than this?
Well, precaution is always better than cure. While it is absolutely fine to dream about being rooted to your place once in a while out of fear, it is definitely not a good sign if you have been dreaming the same dream for a long time now. It could point to arthritis and in the worst case, paralysis itself.
Any signs of numbness, tenderness and swelling in the limbs should, for obvious reasons, be attended to immediately.

The Fact: The effects of poor circulation can range from causing slight discomfort to strokes.

Attempt to Strangle

You wake up sensing danger, and experience someone/something strangling your throat. There's nothing much to worry about such a dream other than coming down with a sore throat.
Unlike the other petrifying dreams discussed here, this one comes across as a relief doesn't it? Well, dreams about a scarf or tie tugging and tightening itself around the throat is a sign that you obviously don't miss. You simply wake up with either a sore throat or an inflamed tonsillitis.
The Fact: Irritated tonsillitis causes a lot of discomfort while swallowing, symbolic of being strangulated in the dream.
Apart from the obvious, your mind is sure to give you signs of being weary and exhausted due to the increasing stress levels. Do make it a point to visit your physician, every once in a while and keep your health in check.
Last but not the least, pay attention to the constant signs your body gives you through your dreams. Remember, every dream has a meaning, even if you wake up being chased, or feeling sick. Do not ignore the signs of the dream, it could possibly help you get rid of the problem before it starts.