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What Does Dreaming of Water Mean?

Prachi Patkar Mar 20, 2020
Dreams with water imagery are quite common. What makes them distinct is the symbolism associated with the events that occur in the dream. Here are the various water dreams that have a certain underlying meaning.

Dream World!

Analyze your dream:
i. The context of your dream.
ii. Emotional state throughout and after the dream.
Sleep is a way of relaxing the body. Our adaptability to changing situation and our ability to act rationally depends upon our sleeping patterns. Moreover, the functioning of human brain and dreaming are correlated. What we think is mostly what we see in our dreams. We may be in deep sleep but our brains are conscious all the time.
According to dream psychology, the thoughts, images or feelings that flash in our sleep are dreams. Dreams of water symbolize life, death, rebirth, changes in life, to list a few. Whenever transitions happen in our lives, water dreams are likely to occur. Interpretation of water dreams can lead us to the subconscious aspects of our lives that need attention.

Various Types of Water Dreams

Ocean and Sea

It represents positive or negative mood of a person depending on whether the dream is about a rough or calm sea. Rough sea indicates that you are unwilling to face newer challenges in life.
Calm sea indicates you are ready to face challenges head-on and have a positive attitude towards life.


These dreams indicate whether you are proceeding towards your goal in order to achieve it or being drifted away. If you dream about successfully going over the waves, it means you can handle any situation coming your way.
If you are struggling with the force of the waves, means you are being carried away from your destination.

Muddy Water or Swamp

These dreams occur when your mind gets clogged and your thought process gets blurred. It depicts that you are occupied by negative thoughts. You would have to discard all the bad thoughts that come to you and have a clear foresight through positive reaffirmations.

Tsunami or Hurricane

These signal the presence of unhappy thoughts and stress in your mind. It also depicts a situation or a negative energy that is beyond your control. These dreams also mean that you are swept over by some pent-up emotions.

Electrocuted in Water

These dreams suggest that your actions will not yield the correct result. It depicts that you are awaiting a certain unexpected news.

Water Storm

They often symbolize difficulty in thought, expression, or a misunderstanding. It often means that mind and heart are at constant battle with each other. These dreams denote that it is a phase of temporary distress.


These dreams represent the feelings of crisis, it means you are feeling emotionally shaken. They can sometimes depict feelings of anger or jealousy.

Slushed Water

It indicates the reality that you have been arresting yourself back. It is your mind telling you to keep up with the pace of life and stop dilly-dallying.

Drinking or seeing Saltwater

These dreams indicate that your life is full of sorrow. It symbolizes tears and a broken heart. It is an indicate that you need to release the stress within by shedding tears.


This is a very positive dream symbol which means your mind, body and soul are ready for revitalization. This also gives a clear indication that you are all set for cleansing and rejuvenation.

Boiling Water

This indicates a chaotic situation in your life. It means that you are on the verge of an emotional crumble. Just like boiling water gives out steam, you need to let lose some steam.


It means that feelings of discontent and frustration have taken over your mind, and are beginning to seep through your conscious. It also typifies misery and loss because you were occupied with unimportant tasks.


If you feel insecure at some point, chances are that you will dream of yourself being submerged under water. It suggests that you are trying to make an escape from difficult situations in your life.


If you are sad and weeping about something bad that happened to you, rain dreams are likely to come to you. On a positive side, these dreams may also indicate that your past grief or hurts are being healed.

Pond and Lake

If the water is calm, it depicts that you are content and at peace with your inner soul. If the water is rippled, it means you cannot express your feelings properly, or you are being restrained by someone.

Walking on water

At a point when you have obtained confidence over yourself and your feelings are in your control, you could expect such dreams. This is a very positive symbol of dreams.

Bath and Shower

These dreams represent a new beginning in life. That is getting away from the complexities of life to satisfy mind and body's need for a fresh start to solve the challenges you have.

Holy Water

It depicts that your mind is seeking a spiritual guidance. It can also be regarded as a spiritual walk. Another indication can be your body, mind, and soul are at peace with your feelings.

Swimming Pool

If you dream about swimming in a pool, it shows that you need some relaxation to cleanse your mind and soul. Another meaning it entails is you have finally made up your mind to free itself from the emotional pain it suffered once.

Drinking Water

These dreams indicate that your body and soul need refreshment. The solution to your problem can be found by looking within your inner self. It is also a clear indication that your body is dehydrated and needs water.

River and Stream

If the river or stream is serene it implies you are calm. If the river is turbulent, it implies that you are not in control of the things happening in your life. This suggests that you need to slow down a bit in order to keep up with the pace.
If your dream didn't match any of those mentioned here, try to recollect whether the water in your dream was still or moving. If it was still, it suggests peace and happiness. However, if it was in motion, it suggests an upcoming transition, challenges, and hardships.