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What Do Dreams About Death Mean

Saptakee Sengupta Mar 10, 2020
What do dreams about death mean? Is it really a premonition of someone's death? Does the death dream have something to do with you or your loved ones? Read on to find out.
Dreams occur during different stages of sleep and are representations of thoughts and feelings in our mind while in conscious or sub-conscious state. Interpreting dreams has been a subject of research of many psychoanalysts and probably some of the best analytical studies have been put forth by Sigmund Freud, in his renowned book, 'Interpretation of Dreams'.
A dream becomes a nightmare when we see images of death and destruction in dreams, sleep with the fear and wake up horrified. Dreams about death baffle us and we start speculating the probable association of dreaming of death with something unfortunate happening in reality.

Analyzing What Death Dreams Mean

Let's have a look at different types of death dreams and their meanings. Some individuals are blessed with precognitive abilities in which a person sees a dream, presage real-life incidents. However, death cannot always be linked to a dream. One does not die because someone else dreamt about it so. Dreams can't change what's destined to happen.
So what would you interpret from dreaming of someone dying? Before we go deeper into this matter, we shall try to understand the technique put forth by Sigmund Freud for exploring dreams.
The wise man had said, there is a psychological technique which makes it possible to interpret dreams, and... If that procedure is employed, every dream reveals itself as a psychical structure which has a meaning and which can be inserted at an assignable point in the mental activities of waking life.
Dreams about death occur mostly when you have been thinking negatively or about death just before falling asleep. You imagine yourself in trouble where others are trying to pacify you or it might also be a situation where you are strongly arguing with someone.
When such negative thoughts prevail in your mind just before going to sleep, then there are chances of you dreaming about death. When you see yourself dying in your dream, it symbolizes that you are surrounded by bad elements that are hindering your growth or you are doing something under strong coercion.
Thus, death dreams can actually make you aware of being accompanied by bad people and you can take every possible step to be careful and try to get rid of them. Seeing images of a person trying to kill you might not have any meaning in reality.
But, if you have dreamt of a person trying to kill you or is harming you, then it might be a forewarning telling you that you should stay away from that particular individual.
Death, in many religions, is considered to be associated with rebirth, which is not quite possible unless the soul leaves one body and enters into another, as is believed by many. Seeing death in dreams could also mean you trying to free yourself from the ties you don't want to be bonded in.
Similar thoughts are also responsible for recurrent suicidal dreams. Dreaming about death is also linked with being in a transition phase, that would bring the much-needed change in your life. Dreaming of the already dead is an indication that you were reminded of him. It might also signify that you are striving to get rid of that person and his thoughts.
It often happens that you have dreams of someone dying after thinking or talking about their death. It represents your suppressed fears of losing someone who is close to you and your strong emotional attachment with the person.
The face of an already dead person appearing in dreams signifies that you haven't been able to get over his death and that his memories are always with you. It indicates that you strongly feel his absence.
Thus, death dreams are not always a bad symbol. Neither do they always cast morbidity in life nor they should be every time related to disease or death of you or your loved one. Your mind processes your thoughts, sensations, perceptions and emotions and they take different forms in your dreams, and 'death' is one of them.
The next time, you wake up by a terrifying death dream, don't panic. Try to analyze your present situation and do not jump to conclusions by merely interpreting the literary meaning of death. So, now that you know what dreams about death mean, you should understand that not all death dreams actually indicate death.