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Visualization Techniques for Relieving Stress

Puja Lalwani Mar 17, 2020
Visualization is the process of visualizing peaceful situations in order to stop the mind from focusing on stress. By doing so, the mind can be relaxed, and you find yourself more capable of dealing with your problems and issues. Here are some visualization techniques to help you.
Nowadays, only adults are not victims of stress and anxiety; it affects little ones too. Everyone is under a lot of pressure that they to cope with. If it isn't studying or work, it is the pressure to stand out in other aspect of life. If it isn't family, it is the pressure of paying the bills and other such things.
You even get anxious about the tiniest issues like not being able to cook a meal for your kids or not being able to buy a new outfit for an upcoming event. Well, you all know what stress can do to your body. Not only mentally, stress affects the body physically too. It can trigger diabetes, blood pressure problems, and even a minor issue like dandruff.
These are genuine facts and whatever you do, it is difficult to avoid stress about something when it is looming over your head. There are ways to deal with the stress, reduce it, or calm your mind enough to tackle the issue at hand in a logical manner. Do this by implementing visualization techniques for stress, some of which have been explained here.

Methods of Visualization for Anxiety and Stress

Creative Visualization

Creative visualization techniques refer to channeling your thoughts toward visuals of already having dealt with the stressful situation to relax the mind. Another technique involves writing what you imagine, but with positivity. All your imagery should be affirmed.
To do so, wear comfortable clothes and sit in a place you find peaceful. This place may be in your house, or even at a quiet spot in the park or the beach. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Now picture your mind as a blank canvas and paint the picture you want on it.
If you are facing a problem that is causing you stress, visualize that you have dealt with the problem effectively, have achieved positive results, and are experiencing true happiness. Visualize it to every last detail; what you are saying, what you are wearing, and whom you are celebrating with; all these details should be clearly visualized.
If you repeat this imagery again and again, you are bound to achieve results. While writing, all your imagery should be affirmed. Use terms like, 'I am happy, the problem has been solved, I am leading a stress-free, problem-free life'. Do not use terms like 'I hope everything is fine'.
Hope is actually a negative term, so avoid using it. Always use positive affirmations. It increases your confidence in your own abilities to deal with problems.

Visualization to Divert from Stressful Thoughts

Imagine a peaceful image. This could be the sunrise or the sunset, that of walking on grass and rejuvenating yourself with its fresh scent, of walking by the sea on a beach, or playing with a puppy. Whatever gives you peace of mind, imagine it.
This technique diverts you from the stressful problem you may be facing, to relax your mind and enable stress relief. While visualizing this image, assure yourself that this spot is yours to return to at any point in time, when you think you are way to stressed out and need some respite.
The temporary diversion enables relaxation and makes you feel that you can take care of the problem. Again, it gives you perspective, and helps you tackle stress with a logical bent of mind.

Visualization with Deep Breathing

Visualization is combined with deep breathing relaxation techniques and is known to be one of the most effective ways of dealing with stress.
Lie down on a mat, in a place that you find peaceful. Relax your body; don't be in a tense position. Now, start breathing deeply. After a few deep breaths, start making yourself aware of every feeling in your body.
Start from the tip of your toes and travel upward, sensing every feeling, relaxing every muscle, and feeling every physical sensation. Once you become completely aware of your body, visualize the stress leaving it with each breath you take.
As you inhale, visualize that you are inhaling positive energy and experience confidence with every breath. As you exhale, visualize the stress going out of your body. Think of the act of inhaling as a cleansing medium, as a tool to get rid of the stress trapped in every inch of your body.
So that you can achieve mind control, it is important that you be aware of your physical self. This method is also a great way to deal with physical stress, as you can visualize the pain leaving your body with every breath you take.
Following these techniques and making them work is going to take some time. The mind is so overpowered by stress, fear, worry, and anxiety, that positive thinking and such beautiful imagery seems extremely challenging. It is difficult to think that something good will come out of every bad situation. It is your job to control your mind and not vice versa.
You have the power to train your thoughts, to train your mind to believe what you want to believe. It is when you allow your mind to tell you what is right and what is wrong is when you start experiencing all possible negative emotions.
So when you take out the time to train your mind otherwise, to give yourself the liberty to think positively, you will find yourself capable of dealing with any kind of stressful situation life throws at you. Believe in yourself; that's all it takes.