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Type D Personality

Torque Earnest Jul 23, 2020
This story tries to give you an overview of type D personality traits and a little test for detecting if you fall under this category.
We have heard different personality types. The common types being type A and B personality, and type C personality - the type D personality is a comparatively newer theory of personality in psychology. It came up around the 1990s.

Personality Traits

Although the letter 'D' is generally believed to be 'distressed,' some also believe that is just a letter in the sequential order following the previously mentioned personality types. The personality traits of people with Type D personality is as follows.
  • People with type D personality fear rejection and social un-acceptance. Due to this, many times they do not open up to others. They keep their emotions unexpressed.
  • Type D personalities are very prone to negative feelings which result in being in a depression and secluded from the group, and invariably they feel all the more rejected.
  • These people are more often than not associated with heart diseases. Though this might not be a trait but research shows that this condition of the body is associated with their psychology. Being stressed always, not being able to express themselves, and living with the stigma of being rejected is closely associated with inducing heart disease.
  • Type D personalities are reliable but the fact that they are closed persons is what makes them susceptible to rejection and as the vicious cycle goes on, they lack self motivation and the drive to surge ahead.
  • Negative emotions like depression, anxiety, anger, worry, tension, low self-esteem, irritation, pessimism, etc., plague type D personalities a lot and moreover, an interesting theory is that these people are affected with negativity more than the positive influences, or positive changes happening around them or in their lives.
  • Type D personalities though very direct and decisive persons, are inclined towards avoiding facing problems or delaying confrontation with issues.
  • They usually have non productive thoughts and lack creativity as compared to other personality types.
  • Type D personalities make bad followers. They cannot take people ordering them around.

Sample Personality Test

  • Do small failures or non accomplishment of daily chores or office tasks bog you down and your entire day is spent on thinking of the event?
  • Do you have problems taking orders and initiative in office or school activities?
  • Do you feel you are amongst the worst affected persons in the world?
  • Do you wish to talk and interact with people but hold back fearing they will not accept you?
  • Are you able to share your feelings with somebody who you think is close to you? Can you express yourself if you like or dislike someone?
  • Are you most of the time worried at any point of time?
If answers to these questions are a yes, you need to stop and think is this all warranted and called for? Can some of the burden that you are carrying around like Hercules, be dumped or is it a self-imposed task assigned to yourself? If so, what for? What exactly is stopping you from holding back a little and enjoy or relax?
It is high time you think on these lines because study shows a three times higher risk of 'inducing' heart diseases by constantly worrying and being in the influence of negative emotions.
Emotions trigger many complex hormone secretions in our body and thus the word 'induced'. People with type D personality should try to relax and be happy. They should fear less about being rejected. It is important to know that rejection starts from within and not from outsiders. Self acceptance has to come first in order to seek approval and be a part of a group and society.