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Characteristics of Type A and B Personality

Girija Shinde Jul 24, 2020
Type A and B personality is a psychological theory based on some of the main characteristics of human beings. Read on to know about the type A and type B personalities in detail.
To study the human behavior is one of the most difficult tasks, as it is not constant and keeps on changing. So, a number of theories have been created in psychology to better understand it. One of these theories is that of the type A and B personality. Every individual is different, which is the principle this theory is based on.
In this, some major differences between two individuals are studied. The characteristics of type A and B personalities are contradictory to each other. This theory studies not only the differences between the individuals, but also the basic human behavior. There is also a theory that describes type C and type D personalities.

Type A Personality

Some very prominent characteristics are seen in type A people that are easily identifiable. If you see someone freaking out because they are made to wait, even if the wait is for just a couple of minutes, you have most probably encountered a type A person!
People with this personality are always in a hurry and impatience seems to be their middle name. Time urgency is seen clearly in their actions. They speak fast, they walk fast, and are constantly aware of the running time.
Another peculiar trait of these people is that they cannot tolerate slow speaking individuals and they usually end up completing sentences for them. Other special characteristics of type A personality people are that they get upset over small things easily and are also short tempered.
When they get really angry, they can be very rude too. They are rightly called stress junkies, as they get stressed out easily. They have high ambitions and they can overcome competition to achieve their goal. They also tend to compete with other people over small and inconsequential matters.
Type A people are said to have greater chances of suffering from hypertension and heart diseases. This is obviously because of their stress junkie nature. So, these people need to calm down and stop being workaholics. Meditation and breathing exercises prove to be helpful for this personality type.

Type B Personality

The biggest difference is that type B personality people are always chilled out. They are mostly calm and composed, and in contrast to type A people, they are never in a hurry. They are the ones who will start talking when they are standing in a line, and by the time their turn comes, they will have made friends.
These people are also quite reflective. They will always be thinking about others' problems and always lend a helping hand. They are as hardworking as type A personalities, but they do not mind losing. 
So, you won't have competition from a type B in office. They also do not get stressed easily, and if ever they do, they usually become more productive. Thus, Type A tends to get destructive while type B tend to get productive under pressure.
Because of their happy-go-lucky nature, type B individuals do not face much of health problems. Speaking about sports, these two personality are quite different from each other in sports, and their unique qualities reflect in their game too.
Type A are perfectionists, so they always aim to win and can also be dominating. On the other hand, type B individuals are relaxed and play for entertainment rather than for winning.
If you are still confused about which personality you are, you can take up personality test and find out. Whether your personality type is A, B, or C, it doesn't matter, as everyone has a unique personality and each one of us should maintain it.