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Top Reasons We Hate Mondays

Rahul Pandita Oct 19, 2020
Monday is the first working day of the week and is despised by working people worldwide. We will take a look at the reasons that make people detest the day so much.
Why is it so difficult to get out of bed on a Monday morning? Well, the reasons can be plenty, but first a few facts. Surveys conducted over the years have found that people are most lethargic on Mondays. A report published in a British daily, The Telegraph, stated that on Mondays, people don't crack their first smile until 11:16 am.
Other findings of the survey confirmed what managers around the world fear the most - half of the employees turn up late for work on Mondays, and are only able to put in three-and-a-half hours of productive work.
So, why is it that all of us, cutting across nationalities and religions, are most gloomy on Mondays. Well, let's try to find out some reasons, for what has now become a worldwide syndrome - 'The Monday Morning Blues'.

Hate to Wake Up!

Hate to Follow!

After two days of being the one who is in charge, we have to brace ourselves to adhere to the rules and regulations of the workplace. Our body needs time to adjust to the new scheme of things, and this is one of the prime reasons that people are sullen and gloomy on Mondays.

Hate the Boss!

Hate the Targets!

Monday is the first day of the week and it comes with the baggage of having to work for the next five days. The thought of slogging it, day-in and day-out, makes most people anxious and highly irritable. Coincidentally and unfortunately, a majority of projects and deadlines fall on Monday, which makes us despise the day even more.

Hate the Chirpy Crowd!

Hate to Say Goodbye!

This is for those of us who have to work with difficult co-workers. After spending the weekend with our close family members and friends, we are reminded that we have to face our annoying co-workers.
The dreaded feeling to be in the company of people we dislike is present more or less everyday, but on Mondays, it is ever so debilitating. One of the reasons for this can be the fact that after spending time with people who we are truly fond of, we have to work in cooperation with people with whom we compete for promotions, pay raises, etc.
This marked change in the relationship equation is predominant on Mondays, and contributes in giving the day a bad name.

Hate the Hangover!

A Sunday spent drinking with your pals gives you a much-needed break from your daily schedule. You catch up with friends whose company you enjoy immensely, and sometimes you end up drinking above your 'threshold limits'.
When the time comes to get up for work the next day, you are bogged down in bed with a nagging feeling, which makes you feel that your head may explode anytime. Yes, hangovers cause much turmoil and cause ailments such as headaches, diarrhea, nausea, dizziness, etc., and guess what, Monday gets to take all the blame.

Hate to Pretend!

Hate to Accept!

People who are not satisfied with their jobs have a hard time dealing with Mondays. On the weekend, they get sufficient time to reflect on how they are rolling in life, and this is when the feeling of dissatisfaction overwhelms them.
Come the first working day of the week, a.k.a. Monday, and all their pent-up emotions ooze in the form of frustration and a depressed sense of being. No points for guessing that Monday becomes the scapegoat for this issue as well.

Hate to go to school.....!!

Children have a special disliking for Mondays. Well, by the way, truth be told, they have a disliking for every other day which demands them to wake up early and ready themselves for another day at school. But, Monday gets all the abuse because it comes after the heavenly weekend. Monday symbolizes the day of rules and regulations, something not many kids are fond of. So, the hatred towards Monday stems from a pretty young age, and trust me, it only gets worse from there.