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Things Men and Women Perceive Differently

Smita Pandit
Though men and women have their obvious anatomical differences, do they perceive things differently? Should the Mars and Venus analogy from John Gray's bestselling book, 'Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus', be given some serious thought? Here, we take a peek into a few things, where men and women seem to have strikingly different points of view.
Why is it that women are all smiles at the thought of shopping, whereas the look on the face of men changes, the minute women reveal their intention of going shopping with them?
While women can spend hours in a mall, taking a good look at all the pretty things on display, men are out in no time. Shopping is just one of the many things men and women perceive differently. For instance, women attach more importance to appearance than men.
Men often complain that women take too long to get ready. Well, women do take a lot of time, but that's because they need to know that they are looking their best. When going for a holiday, men will throw a few clothes in their bags, whereas women will keep outfits, along with accessories that go well with those outfits.
Men and women also have a different take on the need to communicate. Being the emotional beings they are, women need to express how they are feeling. When faced with a difficult situation, women look for a concerned listener.
Unlike women who need to take things off their chest, most men refrain from sharing their problems. Since no guy would risk being called a sissy, he will prefer to tackle tough situations, without expressing his fears.
Though many of the differences that are pointed out are plain generalizations that may have a lot to do with the gender stereotyping, men and women are different in many ways. Let's look into a few things or situations where the response of men and women may be different, owing to the difference in their perception.

Are Men and Women Wired Differently?

In a study conducted at the Harvard Medical School, analysis of the brain through MRI scans revealed that women have a larger limbic system, which is a part of the brain that is associated with the emotional responses.
Women and men may perceive some things differently, as they use different areas of their brain to process information and complete their tasks.
A recent study has shown that men are more likely to be able to discern the details of rapidly moving objects, whereas women are more likely to be able to describe different shades of colors than men. As per this study, men and women may not be seeing eye to eye in the literal sense.

When It Comes to Things that Women Like to Possess

Men are often confused about women's obsession with buying clothes, shoes, jewelry, makeup, and accessories. They need to understand that women and beauty cannot be separated.
Every woman wants to look and feel beautiful. There comes her need to buy the things that will help her do so. Even though her closet has hardly any space left, you will often find a woman complaining that she doesn't have good  clothes to wear, which she needs even for her next shopping trip.
Women like to follow the fashion trends, which is why they like to buy things that are in vogue. When a woman steps out, she makes sure that her attire is in sync with her shoes and accessories. Hence, the need to shop every now and then arises.
When it comes to buying things, she will instantly feel attracted to things that look pretty.
Right from her hair accessories to her clothes, shoes, and the numerous things that lie in her closet, to the things that she likes to have in her home, her first instinct would be to find things that are good to look that.
There is a great difference in shopping habits of men and women. Women give attention to details when they shop. They take a good look at all pretty-looking things, feel the texture, and look for most attractive colors. They want something that will make them feel good.
She will also want the man in her life to acknowledge her good taste. If you fail to notice her new attire and shower her with compliments, she is most likely to resent it. Since a woman wants her man to be a part of every little thing in her life, she wants him to accompany her for the shopping trips.

Boys and their Toys

While women are more conscious of how they look, and believe that others will judge them based on appearance, it's rare to find a guy complaining he has nothing to wear.
He will wear whatever he can get. There will be a world of difference between a man and a woman's wardrobe.
A man can buy a pair of shoes or clothes in no time, whereas a woman feels the need to go from one end to the other in a mall, to ensure that she's buying the best. So, when a guy goes shopping, he is most likely to take very little time.
However, what clothes and accessories are to women, cars, bikes, and gadgets are to men. Men pride themselves on their technological prowess, and they do have an undying fascination for gadgets and technological devices.
Most women feel that men have a little corner in their hearts reserved for their gadgets. Though it would be wrong to say that women don't like gadgets, men are totally hooked to them.
Just the thought of looking at cars, bikes, cameras, cell phones, and latest entrants in the field of gadgetry, gets men super excited. Getting the latest versions of gadgets, and adding new accessories to their collection, is one of their favorite pastimes.

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When a man heads out to buy something, the emphasis is on the features. However, men want their cars and bikes to look good, after all, good-looking cars or bikes are more likely to catch a woman's attention.

When It Comes to Love!

Women are emotional beings, and their decisions are often based on the way they feel.
When a woman falls in love, her life begins to revolve around the person she loves, and she would constantly think about ways to express her love. At this point, other aspects of her life become less important to her.
Women want to be loved and adored, whereas men want women to appreciate them. It would be wrong to say that men are not emotional, but initially, men will think more about physical intimacy. Women are more likely to be aware of the fact that they have fallen in love.
Men may take longer to understand their feelings, and it may be hard for them to express their love and commit, as they are fearful of rejection. A man will raise the issue of marriage only when he truly feels connected to a woman, and knows for sure that she's the one.

When It Comes to Relationships

Men hate being judged, and tend to pull back, if women make them feel that they are not living up to their expectations. When a man loves a woman truly, he will express his love by choosing to spend more time with her. He will protect her, and be there for her in time of need.
However, there can be trouble in paradise when there's a lack of communication. Most women feel that one of the most annoying habits that men have is, that they don't pay attention to what women say. Women need to feel connected, and want men to share their joys and sorrows with them.
Major problems arise, when a woman feels that she is no longer important to him. She begins to express her discontent, which in turn causes the man to become aloof. Men fear rejection and the inability to live up to women's expectations, whereas women fear abandonment and loneliness.

When It Comes to the Need to Communicate

For men, communication entails an exchange of information. However, women communicate to stay connected with people. Women feel a constant need to communicate, as they not only want to be heard, but also wish to establish rapport with people they interact.
Women are definitely more open about expressing how they feel, and that too in so many words. The perception of men and women on the need to communicate is quite different. While women feel the need to tell the minutest details about everything under the sun, men don't feel the same way.
Men are direct and logical when it comes to communicating, women aren't always direct. Men feel that women expect them to connect the dots.
Men often find themselves at a loss, when it comes to understanding what women want to convey. They will react as if they have been asked to decipher a foreign language.
Women are more perceptive when it comes to understanding the non-verbal forms of communication, which is why they know how to react. While the fairer sex can sense the subtle mood changes and read between the lines, men may not be able to understand things unless you tell them on their face.
While women have no problems with showing their vulnerable side, men are often not open to the idea of revealing their insecurities. Men need to feel in charge, which they feel, when they are able to provide a solution to problems. They feel happy when women put them in such situations.
Communication is important to women, as it lets them vent their feelings. She looks for support from her partner, who can do so by being a listener. Whether a man is able to offer a solution may not matter to her.
Women are more likely to take their decisions, based on the way they feel. Men and women process information differently. Women tend to think about their problems over and over again. On the other hand, men focus on one problem at a time, which allows them to make things simpler.
While men like playing solo when it comes to solving their problems, women have no qualms about sharing them with their family and friends. It's the support and understanding that they are mostly after. It makes them feel loved and cared for.
Though it wouldn't be wrong to say that anecdotes and jokes on how men and women behave differently in certain situations, give an exaggerated view of the difference in their perception, men and women are definitely not alike. If they were, life would become quite boring.