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Sanguine Personality

Rohini Mohan Jul 22, 2020
The sanguine personality is one who brings life to any social gathering, and keeps every one entertained, no matter what. They are extremely witty individuals, who make sure that they live life to its fullest...
Among the four commonly found human temperaments, the Sanguine is the most jovial and energetic. A sanguine personality is a complete extrovert, out-and-out, and enjoys the company of people. They are the life of any party, and will ensure that they keep everyone happy and entertained.
They need not be formally introduced to anyone, and will somehow be able to strike up a conversation with almost anyone, except people they do not like. They have huge egos as well as a very forgiving personality.
It just depends on how you treat them. Their concept is simple, "I treat you with respect, so treat me the same". They are very warmhearted people, who will never hesitate to lend out a helping hand, and will always prove their support in actions as well as words.
These are not the kind who just say things for the heck of it. When they say something, they really mean it from the very core of their hearts. These are the type of personalities which say what their heart holds, and there would be no dark secrets lurking around the corner.

Personality Traits

► They are extra chatty and love a good conversation. They are born story tellers and love the company of children, which is why kids adore being in the company of such personalities.
► They are by far, the most talented as well as intelligent individuals, among the four personality types. They are exceptionally curious for knowledge and would go to any lengths in order to keep learning. This is one of the reasons why they are such veracious readers. They are artistic; can master almost any skill, merely through observation and practice.
► They have an excellent sense of humor and love to see people happy.

► These people make excellent stage performers and entertainers, as they never let their fans down.
► They live for the moment and make the best of now and today! They usually will forget about bygone incidences, unless it really affected them emotionally, in which case they will never forgive but will make others believe that they have forgiven the insult.
► They will never harm anyone but will keep their distance from people they do not respect or they dislike.

Sanguine Personality Type in Various Roles

► In a Relationship

Positive Aspects: A sanguine as a companion will always try to keep his or her partner happy. They will have a carefree relationship, without many worries and unnecessary arguments.
If the partner gets upset or angry, the sanguine will immediately try to mellow down the situation by cracking a funny joke or making his or her lover smile or laugh. It is bound to be a really fun and rewarding relationship, especially since a sanguine will always find ways to keep the other in good spirits.
Negative Aspects: A sanguine person will remain loyal as long as it is loved completely and truly. However, the moment things are not working out, they are the first ones to leave.
These people give their best shot in trying to make the relationship work, but if the partner does not reciprocate the sanguine's feelings or ignores them, they will move on before you have the chance to say goodbye.
These people do not let others walk over them, and they walk out before it's too late. This however does not mean that the sanguine lacks patience, it just means that they know what is right and wrong for them.

► At the Workplace

Positive Aspects: These chirpy people will be ever willing to take on as many roles and responsibilities as you give them. They are extremely hardworking and are truly smart workers. They will ensure that the work is submitted on time no matter what, and also that the work is excellently performed.
They are team players and always willing to help someone in need of professional assistance. They inspire and encourage others to do better. They have an excellent dressing sense and are always a class apart in office ambiance.
Negative Aspects: These individuals take on more than they can handle, because of their inability to refuse someone. They often risk their health and peace of mind, just so that they can complete the work they promised they will submit. People may intentionally take advantage of the sanguine's honest disposition, so as to evade their own work.

► As a Parent

Positive Aspects: They make excellent parents, and children of sanguine parents usually always have an optimistic, practical and happy demeanor. Sanguine parents inculcate the importance of good and bad in the best possible manner, without ever being aggressive. They also inculcate the importance of knowledge and talent, which is why most children of sanguine parents turn out to be all rounders.
Negative Aspects: Can be very untidy and often forgetful at times. They cannot say no! to their kids, and thus allow them to become a little coddled. Which is why, they need the equal help of their spouses in bringing up the children together. This personality often needs to be reminded about becoming a bit more serious about life, and the many responsibilities at home, as these personalities tend to daydream a lot and often get distracted very soon.
This type of personality is an amicable, loving and fun person to be with. They are absolute peace makers, and will never allow anger and animosity to brew between their loved ones and neighborhood, if they can help it.