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Relaxation Techniques for Anxiety

Mukta Gaikwad Mar 15, 2020
The need for relaxation techniques to relieve anxiety arises due to an erratic lifestyle. These techniques will help you cope with the anxiety in your life and give you a new meaning to live with. So, stay calm and focused!
Rushed lives and demanding careers disconnects us from ourselves. Sounds a little incomprehensible, but in simple words, it's anxiety that we suffer from. Anxiety knows no bounds which is why it strikes any and every one. Learning and imbibing relaxation techniques for anxiety in the early stages of your life will help avoid stress for the rest of your life.
Statistics show that women, more than men, are susceptible to pangs of anxiety. Copious amounts of negative stress is the main reason for several lifestyle disorders. However, much of this can be managed with some techniques. Let us take a look these techniques.

What Causes Anxiety?

As mentioned earlier, stress is the main reason for anxiety along with other factors like physical conditions, social pressures, and use of drugs. You body reacts to stress negatively or positively depending on the 'sensitivity of your sympathetic nervous system'.
For instance, when you are caught off guard, your heartbeat may speed up and you begin to think of the most preposterous situations, ever. This often leads to panic attacks.
Major events in life, like a divorce, death of a loved one, or losing a pet can also be the reasons for anxiety. It is difficult to change your external events which are not under your control. What can be done though, is changing your view on them and finding a way of establishing a peace within.

Anxiety Relaxation Techniques

Positive Affirmation

People suffering with anxiety are barraged with 'self negative affirmations'. They suffer from severe inferiority complex.
In order to deal with anxiety, it is very important that these negative self-affirmations transform to positive self-affirmations. Resolve the issues related to this negativeness related with your health, finance, domestic affairs, or professional relationships. This will help you to empty your mind with all the things that were culminating into stress.


Focus on the positive aspects of life. Take a small personal object which is extremely close to your heart. Focus all your attention on this object as you breathe in and out, slowly and deeply.
Believe that, as you inhale, you are allowing a power to cleanse your mind and as you exhale, the stress and anxiety is going far away from you. At the end of this exercise, which will take 15 odd minutes, you will see the difference yourself. These are proven deep breathing relaxation techniques.

Take Time Off

Involve yourself in activities that give you pleasure. For some, it maybe composing or listening to music, dancing, for others it maybe painting, singing, writing, playing sport, etc.
Among all the activities, the common factor is that they are all, forms of expression. Anxious people are often scared of something or the other, which makes them reluctant to express their hidden feelings. Open up, and tell your story through an activity of your choice and it's a promise that it will work wonders for you.

Calming Chants

Meditation is the best stress buster. Sit down in a comfortable position. Do not slouch. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Allow yourself to breathe as slowly as possible, initially don't control it.
Now focus all your energy on breathing. As you progress, block all your thoughts and windows of imagination. Now, inhale and fill your stomach with air. As you exhale, chant 'Aum' for as long as you can. Go on chanting for 108 times and then slowly open your eyes to find yourself at peace.
Anxiety can be cured with faith and positive self-affirmations. Sleep relaxation techniques also provide long term solutions for curing anxiety. Understand that anxiety is mainly a lifestyle disorder, which you bring on due to reckless negative indulgence.
Relaxation will give you a new perspective on life as you begin to incorporate these methods in your life. However, this positive change has to be maintained through sheer determination and faith within yourself!