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10 Problems Only Introverts Can Relate To

Sai Kardile Mar 22, 2020
Introverts live on a different plane of existence, and that's probably why they are deemed as a baffling peculiarity by others. This attitude about them spawns a number of problems for them. Here are 10 problems that only in introverts can relate to.
"Introverts don't get lonely if they don't socialize with a lot of people, but we do get lonely if we don't have intimate interactions on a regular basis."
― Sophia Dembling, The Introvert's Way: Living a Quiet Life in a Noisy World
Introverts can survive without having to shoot the breeze. They don't need any company to choke the inner fear that they will be devoured by ennui. They don't feel the need to environ themselves with people to thrive. And they definitely don't feel that by being preoccupied with themselves; they make for some kind of an anomaly.
Some people just fail to comprehend the fact that it takes all sorts to make the world. Imagine having people of your personality type around you all the time―if you happen to be a garrulous extrovert, this would particularly be bad for you.
Since there will be others like you who tar with the same brush, expressing your views would be as good as getting blood out of a stone, and it won't be until you have got others (and yourself) bloodied that you will have made your point heard.
So let's be all grateful to god for giving us a variety.
Introverts are like a bastion of quietude and comfort, far from the madding crowd, and only those who have an introvert in their life can attest to this sentiment. Despite all this, introvert still have problems. And what are they? Let's see.

The art of conversation evades you

You would rather dip yourself in honey and stake yourself on a bee farm than try to have a conversation with someone.
Not that you can't but that you don't, and people think you are weird and that makes you hate them even more.

When you want someone to shut up but don't know how

This is one of the most dreaded things that can happen to an introvert―run into an exceptionally exasperating extrovert who threatens to rob you of your precious time by running off at the mouth. You so wish you could expect to patronum this soul sucking dementor or body slam him up and down, but you are too polite to do that.

You can't handle more than one person at a time

You are invited over a friend's party, there are too many people around, and seeing them all together under one roof scares you outright, because you are not used to the idea of having more than one human around you.

You don't fancy bumping into a familiar figure

You are clearly not one of those who screech and scare other people around when they see someone they know in a store, mall, cinema, or washroom. You are one of them, who screeches inside when he spots a familiar figure and makes himself scarce that very instant.

Social situations aren't your thing either

Since talking to people doesn't come naturally to you, you exert yourself and put a pretty pretense of happiness.
However, keeping up appearances means losing your invaluable energy. You usually need some uninterrupted alone time to rebuild the supply of your energy.

Sometimes you wish you could convey messages via your mind

Just because you like to spend time by yourself doesn't mean that you are averse to the idea of romance or attraction. However, making someone believe that you do isn't that easier either, and so you begin talking to that person in your head, and hope that one day he will get your message.

People expect you to be social

Do bears poop in the woods? Of course, they do. So when people who know you inside out ask you questions like "why can't you be more social?" or "why don't you hang out with your friends?", you feel like scooping that poop and hurling it at them.

People think that you are different, not in a good way.

Your preoccupation with yourself, by default makes you a misfit, on all levels. Psycho, mad, anti-social, arrogant, are adjectives commonly associated with you.

You hate it when people seek enjoyment in breaking your thought link

Your only friends are your thoughts. You genuinely enjoy spending time with them like their company. And so, you totally hate on some knucklehead breaking your train of thoughts.

Telephonic conversations or texting isn't a different ball game

Whether it's in person or on the phone, talking is still talking, and just because you don't actually see the person who wants to talk, doesn't mean it makes it any better. It's not that you are always primed to answer a call.