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Pineal Gland Activation

Pineal gland activation plays a vital role in healthy functioning of body and mind. Read on to know more.
Shashank Nakate
The pineal gland is located in the brain and at the center of its two hemispheres. This endocrine gland produces a chemical called melatonin. The melatonin hormone is responsible for regulating the sleep cycle, which is also known as circadian rhythm.
The pineal gland is given great importance in matters of spirituality and meditation. This gland is also associated with paranormal phenomenon. In the Eastern philosophies, the pineal gland is referred to as 'chakra'.

How to Activate the Pineal Gland?

It is believed that pineal gland activation opens the human mind to cosmic experiences. The simple procedure used for this activity is described here.
  • The activity of pineal gland activation requires you to sit in a pose that is used for meditation; one has to sit in a cross-legged position while performing this activity. Sitting with you back in the upright position is recommended. One can however, also lie down on the back while doing this.
  • The eyes should preferably be kept closed during this activity. You need to steer your mind clear of all recurring thoughts and concentrate only on the breathing process.
  • You can master the techniques mentioned here by practicing regularly. It is only through practice that you can maintain the required levels of concentration and thereby, improve the working of pineal gland. It is said that a kind of pressure is felt at the base of brain while the gland is being activated.
  • It is advisable to reserve the morning time for this activity. The time-period between 4 am and 6 am is the best time for this activity.
  • This technique of pineal gland activation allows us to have a better control over the mind. It is also believed that those who activate the gland are capable of controlling their position in the realm of space and time.
  • The process of activating the pineal gland helps unleash the infinite powers possessed by this gland. This process helps us connect with higher frequencies of the universe. A link between the physical and spiritual world can be established by means of pineal gland.
  • The working of pineal and pituitary gland in unison is one of the indications of activation of this gland. This can be attained by means of meditation. The steps presented here should be followed & most importantly practiced regularly to benefit from this activity.
Activation of pineal gland is also given importance in Taoism. In the pineal gland activation technique used by followers of Taoism, one has to concentrate on the portion between the eyebrows. The goal or objective of this activity is to prepare yourself for the advanced meditation techniques.

Significance of Pineal Gland Activation

It is believed that people who have attained a high level of spirituality possess a greater ability to stimulate the pineal gland. This kind of stimulation is brought about by saying prayers, performing meditation, etc. It has also been observed that the vesicular monoamine transporter gene (VMAT2) activity increases with these meditation techniques.
The VMAT2, located in the presynaptic cell is a transport protein. There are certain sounds and vibrations which have the potential to stimulate the production of psychoactive substances in the pineal gland.
Secretion of 'feel-good' hormones like serotonin, dopamine, beta-endomorphins, etc. also is stimulated by these vibrations. Sun gazing is one of the activities which helps increase the secretions of endocrine glands.

Quick Facts about Pineal Gland

The pineal gland has a shape that resembles an eye. This gland is somewhat similar to a pine cone. The name, pineal too is derived from this pine cone structure. Size of this gland ranges from 5-8 mm and it has a reddish-gray shade. A capsule formed of 'pia mater' surrounds the pineal gland.
The function of pineal gland is not clearly known. However, one can say for sure that energy storage is an important pineal gland function. Earlier, the pineal gland was believed to be the vestigial remnant of a bigger organ.
Out of the many causes of pineal gland disorders, some are stress-related while few result from exposure to artificial light. Mental stress is responsible for increase in secretion of melatonin by the pineal gland, which can lead to pineal gland dysfunction.
Those who stay up late are prone to the pineal gland disorders more than anybody else; as they are exposed to artificial light for longer time. The sleep cycle is also known to be closely related to proper functioning of pineal gland. Thus, this pineal gland activation procedure could be useful in giving you mental stability, peace and a good night's sleep.