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Your Guide to Overcoming the Fear of Abandonment

Kundan Pandey Jul 20, 2020
Fear of abandonment can lead to serious insecurity in relationships and can interfere with the normal lifestyle of the person. Getting rid of this frame of mind is not very difficult to achieve, all it requires is to realize the problem and then make sustained efforts to let yourself free of this fear.
Overcoming any type of fear requires determination from the part of the person who is afraid of certain things. Fear of abandonment is a psychological disorder wherein the person feels uncontrolled anxiety when he or she encounters situations that require facing the difficulties of life alone and without any support.
The person feels helpless in such cases. Even though he may have support and help in tough times, the very idea of being alone makes him feel insecure and uncomfortable.
The loss of a near one, broken relationships, disturbed childhood, and some social or personal trauma can be some of the possible causes of such feelings. Anybody experiencing such fears can be helped by proper counseling and care.


If once you realize that love manifests itself in this universe in myriads of dimensions, you will realize that you have many things to focus your love upon. Just the failure in a job or rejection in one relationship can't possibly end the world for you.
● Loving someone does not mean changing your life completely for him/her.
● Love is not controlling, it's about freedom.
● Start inculcating healthy habits like yoga and meditation. As the inner you becomes rich, serenity and peace will manifest in your life.
● Stop over analyzing any situation. Develop the habit of looking at the positives of every experience. It can be practiced on a daily basis.
● Mistakes are a part of life and so are bad experiences. Don't carry the burden! Delete it from the memory. Be a new person!
● Stop being obsessed with anybody and anything. Give a tinge of humor to life. Laugh off your troubles, just let life free for sometime! and free yourself from fear, jealousy, attachments!
● Enjoy your relationships! Just your girlfriend or boyfriend is never your entire world. Spend time with parents and friends.
● Don't think too much. Worrying is like consuming slow poison, it eats you daily! Look out for new opportunies instead, and grab them with both hands when they come along.
● Find out your emotional outlet! Yes, it can be writing, painting, dancing or any hobby where you create the real you. Just discover it!
● Stop expecting too much from anyone in a relationship. If there is love, it will surely blossom and will take the relationship to new levels.

Winning Over Fear of Death

One of the most simple and basic fear that almost all of us experience, though in varying degrees is the fear of death. The name 'death' itself gives some shock and fear. However, it is important that it should not interrupt the smooth flow of life and cause problems in day-to-day work.
Don't worry about death, as it is a part of life. It has to come when it should. The only thing we can do as human beings, is to live every day by giving our best efforts and developing our inner self spiritually. Life is all about living each day with enthusiasm and passion.
Live your dreams! Use this fear of death as a motivation to become your best every day. As we all say, life is very short, so why not develop an attitude that does everything with noble intentions and keeping the Almighty in mind. Simplifying your fears can help you heal faster.

Mastering Public Speaking

Thousands of people have mastered the art of public speaking and so it is logical that you can do the same! Knowledge is essential to speak in front of an audience, and how you say something is also important. People may not get what you are saying but the pitch of your voice and the self-confidence that you exude, can create a strong impact.

Overpowering Fear of Failure

A famous proverb says that failures are the pillars of success. Pick up any history book or browse the net and you will find that almost all successful people had faced failures many times in their lives.
Chris Gardener is the entrepreneur and founder of the stock brokerage firm Gardner Rich & Co.The movie The Pursuit of Happiness is a true story of his life journey to fame. Chris Gardener (Will Smith) struggles for bread and butter with his little son, he never lets failures break him. He perseveres to succeed. We can inspire from the life of such people.
Overcoming the fear of abandonment needs efforts from the individual and the family too. The family members should support the person and help him overcome any negative thoughts that hit the mind. Analyzing the situation and trying to eliminate the root cause of the problem can help the person to get rid of the fear.