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How to Overcome Depression

Debopriya Bose Jul 23, 2020
There are options of dietary changes to alternative therapies, all of which are natural ways to overcome depression. Here's more...
It is true that when you are depressed, you do feel low. But it's not that heavy feeling that just goes away after a couple of hours. Depression symptoms manifest themselves into more severe forms like lack of interest in daily activities, loss of appetite, mood swings, sleep disorders, and even suicidal thoughts.
For those who are wondering how to deal with depression, there are many medications that a physician can prescribe for you. These do bring about the desired results, but like most other synthetic drugs, they may have side effects too. Here are some natural ways of dealing with depression.

Get Control Over Your Thoughts

Depression is a feeling of sadness and pessimism, that is further fueled with negative thoughts. One of the best ways to naturally get over this feeling is to make that effort on your own.
Keep all those negative thoughts out of your mind. When the question 'Why me?' crops up in your mind, try and think of the good things that you have in life. Concentrate on your strengths and blessings, rather than regretting your unfulfilled wants.

Get Engaged

Not in the sense of getting engaged to your sweetheart. By getting engaged, fill in you free time with some useful activity, instead of letting your mind drift back into the realms of darkness and pessimism.
Enroll in some hobby class, or sign up for some personality development course. Visit friends and relatives. Just keep yourself occupied as much as you can.

Get Talking

The greatest mistake that people suffering from depression make is that they tend to keep all those emotions pent up deep inside themselves. Talk to your friends and family, and let those emotions out, otherwise, they might just come out in the form of some violent outburst of rage.
Other than this, family and friends would provide useful advice and solutions to deal with your negative feelings and loneliness.

Eat Healthy to Think Right

A good diet is important for both, a healthy body and a healthy mind. Hence, not only does our food decide how our body works, but also plays an important role in how we think.
To be able to cope with depression, avoid foodstuff that is fried and rich in fats. Avoid junk food. Control your caffeine intake. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, and remember to keep yourself well hydrated.
Studies have shown that omega-3 essential fatty acids are important components of nerve cell membranes, and help in proper transmission of impulses between neurons.
People who eat fish like salmon, sardines, trout, and herring, that are a rich source of this acid, are found to be less prone to depression. Consumption of tobacco and alcohol hinder proper working of both, the body and the mind.


Not only does exercise pump blood with full of fresh air all throughout our body, but it also relieves stress. Aerobic exercises like jogging for half an hour, at least four times a week, fills one with enough endorphins that can instantly make one feel more positive. 
Exercise also boosts brain functioning. It improves memory and cognitive abilities. Besides aerobic exercises, more and more people are looking up at yoga and meditation as answer to depression without medication.
Yoga is an ancient discipline that aims at ensuring both mental as well as physical health. Other than this, acupuncture, aromatherapy, and massage therapy are some options that can be tried.

Go the Herbal Way

St. John's wort, often touted as the dream remedy for depression, is both an inexpensive and effective natural cure for depression. Other than this, kava-kava relieves the anxiety component of depression without sedation.
Gingko biloba is another herbal remedy that acts by improving blood supply to the brain. Then there is lavender that promotes relaxation and sleep. Other herbs to consider are the valerian root, basil, ginger, and rosemary.

Don't Skip That Sleep

Insufficient sleep is both a cause and consequence of depression. It is because, with chronic sleep deprivation, secretion of hormones that regulate our mood also go for a toss. Develop healthy sleeping habits.
Go to bed early. Avoid activities that might induce stress or anxiety. Follow a steady sleep routine, and try to sleep in your bed always.
From medicines to therapies, there are answers galore for those want to know how to overcome depression. However, one has to understand that without conscious effort and a healthy lifestyle, none of these natural remedies would be able to bring about the desired results.