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How to Lucid Dream

Aastha Dogra Feb 27, 2020
Lucid dreaming, in which you can control the events of your dream, can be extremely fun and exciting. Read on to know more about lucid dreaming, and how to do it in five easy steps.
Some mornings, when we wake up, we remember what we have dreamed of the previous night, although the memory of the dream might not be so clear. Have you ever given a thought as to what if we remember each and every detail about the things that we dream about? What if we were actually able to manipulate our dreams?
Lucid dreaming is exactly that, a state in which our dreams are crystal clear to us, even after we have woken up. Not only that, in a lucid dream, we can take charge of our dreams and can lead the dream wherever we want to. How interesting would that be? Although not very easy, these tips and techniques will help you try your hand at lucid dreaming.
There are, in all, three lucid dreaming techniques, namely, Dream-Initiated Lucid Dream (DILD), Mnemonic-Initiated Lucid Dream (MILD), and Wake-Initiated Lucid Dream (WILD).
In DILD, the person starts with having a regular dream and then it is only later, that he concludes that he has had a lucid dream. In WILD, the person makes a transition from a wakeful state to a dreamy state and is not even aware of such a transition. In MILD, the person himself makes use of certain techniques to have a dream.

Are you Prepared for a Lucid Dream Induction?

Before anything else, you need to be clear and mentally prepared about one thing and that is, take it up only if it is in accordance with your beliefs and value systems. Only if a person can actually accept that he or she can lucid dream, will they be able to actually do that.

Do Not Forget Dreams

Once you have decided that this is what you want to do, then the next step is to recall and try to remember, each and every dream that you had the previous night. To do this, you need to slowly go back to your dream upon waking. Initially you might not be able to recall your dreams, but with practice it can be learned.

Maintain a Dream Journal

If you are able to remember and recall your dreams, start maintaining a dream journal and write every little detail that you remember about your dream. Maintaining a journal will help you a lot in case you seek dream interpretations.

Become Aware

A person has to first of all become much more aware and conscious when he is awake. When a person is aware in his wakeful state, it will automatically rub off on him when he is sleeping and thus, he will have a greater control when he is lucid dreaming.

Create a Link

The last step in lucid dreaming involves linking the state of awareness to dreams. In this a person recognizes his dreams, their nature and meaning, and then links it to reality.
In order to lucid dream, a person can make a few changes in his everyday living. He can do things such as listening to music when falling asleep, taking a number of naps throughout the day, being aware of one's surroundings, and waking up in the night daily so that dreams can be recalled clearly.
One can take help from a professional to induce lucid dreams. It has many benefits. It is a kind of a link between the conscious and the subconscious mind and through it, one can have full control over both of them.
Lucid dreaming helps people take part in their dreams and change them according to what they want. That is why, it can help people who experience nightmares frequently. Lucid dreaming also fosters creativity in a person and can make a person aware of one's hidden side of their personality.