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How Does Nature Help Us Heal from Grief?

Sucheta Pradhan Mar 19, 2020
Nature is infinitely powerful; it can do both, create and destroy. But, it can also heal and regenerate. Let's take an insight into how nature can help us heal from grief.
Nature is always lovely, invincible, glad, whatever is done and suffered by her creatures. All scars she heals, whether in rocks or water or sky or hearts.
~ John Muir
The 'father of modern medicine', Hippocrates, once quoted, "Nature cures, not the physician."
Nature has a huge bounty in store for all the living species. It has unmatched and unparalleled powers of creation, sustenance, and destruction. In fact, nature is a sole entity that is witness to all the processes of creation, destruction and restoration. We humans depend on nature for a number of things; we cannot survive without the help of nature.
We have a natural instinct to seek nature's aid in times of sorrow and trouble. And, nature also tends to comfort and rejuvenate us from time to time. Actually, we are extremely fortunate to be able to exploit the immense abilities of nature in various forms to the fullest (and many times, rather excessively).
One of the greatest powers that nature holds, is the power to heal; nature possesses ceaseless ability to cure us, not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually. Just a stroll on a moonlit night or a breathe of fresh air can do unimaginable wonders. For one, it can elevate one's spirit and mood. It can also bestow a person with mental calm.
But above all, nature has an incredible power to instill hope in people. With every passing moment, it seems to make us realize that life, after all, is not as bad as we think, and that it can be made better. This hope is the greatest gift of nature to us humans.

Emotional Bonding with Nature

➤ Grief is the most natural emotional response to a permanent loss of someone or something that held a very important place in one's life.
People react in different ways on losing their near and dear ones, or things they were emotionally attached to. Some of them tend to let go rather easily than others. Sometimes, the loss is so big that people grieve for days, months, and even years together.
➤ It is a proven fact that spending time in the company of nature can help people heal from their grief to a great extent. No matter who or what they have lost, nature can help people realize that 'life goes on'.
➤ In case of an emotionally disturbed person, nature can play a vital role as a grief-healer. The peace and tranquility of nature can provide a grieving person with calmness and solace.
➤ The nearer an individual gets to nature, the more he/she connects with its constituents - plants, animals, landscapes, etc.
➤ He/she can then, form new and long-lasting bonds with these constituents - by visiting a favorite site or so - thus, giving a new meaning to his/her life.

Nature's Lessons of Life and Death

➤ The very first and foremost lesson that nature seems to teach us, is essentially associated with death.
➤ It kind of reminds us and makes us realize that death is an inescapable reality. Nobody can ignore it and it comes to everyone and everything. It is nature's law - each and every existing thing has to cease some day.
➤ Nature provides us a number of allegories, which indirectly represent the inevitability of death. The falling of the leaves, the setting of the sun, the withering of plants and flowers are all symbolic representations of death.
➤ The lessons of nature do not stop at death. It also makes us aware of the fact that the world does not come to an end with someone's or something's death.
➤ Life goes on at its normal pace, and after some time, everything starts falling in place again.
➤ In fact, as a person begins enjoying and appreciating nature, he/she becomes aware of the never-ending cycle of creation and destruction, of life and death.
➤ Nature, in various ways, makes a person understand that though creation is always followed by destruction, the process never ends there. Things cease to exist or get destroyed, only to make room for the new ones to take their place. This cycle of creation, destruction and recreation is consistent and constant, and it also applies to human beings.
➤ This kind of realization and awareness help a grieving person to look at the whole concept of life and death from a different perspective. It cultivates within him/her, a feeling of constancy and provides him/her with a new energy to live life.

Healing Techniques Using Nature

Maintaining a close connection with nature always proves to be profitable.
Nature not only tends to heal one's grief on an intellectual level, by making him/her realize about the realities of life and death, but it also possesses an ability to heal a person from grief on an emotional level. There are a number of ways by which one can connect with nature and utilize its magical healing and regenerative capacities.

Listen, Feel, and Learn

Go deep in the wilderness of nature. Settle down quietly and take in the atmosphere. Listen to the sounds around you, delve in the beauty and take in the enchanting scents of nature.
The peace and serenity of nature contains answers to many troublesome questions. One only needs to open up his/her mind and take lessons from nature's infinite wisdom.


Visualize nature, even when you are in the confined space of your home. Thinking of and visualizing the beauty of nature, not only reduces stress but also helps a person to cope with his/her troubles, sorrows, and grief.


Visit places and landscapes, which attract you and/or were the favorite of the person you have lost.
This place can be anything from a forest to a river bank to a beach or even a mountain top. Such places may be extremely helpful in providing mental peace and soothing your heart.

Take a Grief Walk

Grief walking is a way of using physical activity as a way to overcome grief. One might think of a person who has been lost to death while walking. Remembering a person while doing a physical activity establishes a kind of spiritual connection with nature.

Seek out New Ways to Connect with Nature

Just as nature has infinite possibilities, people may come up with infinite ways of connecting with it.
Each person might have a unique idea to connect with nature so that he/she can seek its help for overcoming sorrow. There is no 'right' or 'wrong' way of connecting with Mother Nature, and she treats all her children equally.
Thus, nature can go a long way in mending broken hearts and healing people from grief. A person just needs to have faith in its powers and capacities. If utilized properly, nature can provide a person with infinite number of solutions for his/her problems and bless him/her with peace of mind, one of the most vital factors that helps overcome grief.