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Fear of Spiders

Rohini Mohan Mar 10, 2020
There are many people who suffer from the uncanny fear of spiders. Those who find it hard to deal with this phobia must try to seek therapy in order to control their fear.
Arachnophobia is the extreme and uncontrollable fear of spiders. If you suffer from this phobia, it may be comforting to know that you are not the only one to fear these creatures. Many people all over the world suffer from arachnophobia.
The intensity of an individual's fear may be the key determinant of the symptoms they experience when they see or come in proximity to spiders. Spiders are undoubtedly creepy, though not all of them are dangerous. People who suffer from this inordinate fear may seek therapy or gradually train themselves to not fear spiders.

Symptoms of Arachnophobia

People who suffer from arachnophobia avoid places they fear would harbor spiders and also disdain the very sight of spider webs. What triggers their paranoia is the fear of being bitten by a venomous spider.
Although most adults with this phobia often realize that their fears are irrational, they struggle to cope with the idea of coexisting with spiders in their immediate environment.
This conflict can lead to a lot of stress and apprehension, which often leads to anxiety attacks. Some of the common symptoms of arachnophobia can be:
  • Breathlessness
  • Being gripped by fear
  • Dizziness and nausea
  • The urge to scream and run
  • Not being able to make an instant decision
  • Fear of being bitten or dying from the venom
  • Always being extra careful before going to any place or hesitating from entering a place once a spider has been spotted.


The treatment for any form of phobia is called systematic desensitization, wherein the therapist helps the individuals face their fear. They are made to talk about their experiences, as well as their apprehensions. The next step involves teaching them about spiders and their predominant characteristics.
The therapy sessions help differentiate between harmful and non-dangerous spiders, as well as identifying spiders through their size, color, and markings.
The individuals are gradually encouraged to see images of spiders, as well as learn more about them through documentaries. One of the reasons why not many seek therapy for arachnophobia is because they feel embarrassed and fear being ridiculed.

Learn About Spiders

For people averse to therapy, the next best option would be to begin at home. Requesting a trusted friend to help you deal with the problem can make the task a bit easier as well as reassuring.
People with fear of spiders should, begin by doing some research about the spiders that are native to their area. This will help them differentiate between the spiders and visually identify the ones that may be dangerous.

Read Books

Begin by reading stories about spiders and understand the fact that they are purely fiction and not possible in real life situations. Listen to audio documentaries on spiders and learn about how they are useful for the ecosystem.
Find out about their benefits and how they help keep bugs and insects away. Learn to appreciate their existence and the fact that they too are one among the many living creatures existing on earth.

Learn How to Get Rid of Spiders

The other way to deal with your phobia is by getting rid of spiders. One way is to keep your house clean. Clean the ceilings of your house every few weeks in order to prevent spiderwebs from forming. You may also use products that kill or keep spiders at bay. Spray the chemical at strategic corners and infested areas in and around the house.

Observe Spiders

The best option that has proven to help a lot of people is to stop and look at spiders from a comfortable distance. This helps avoid the instant urge to run away from them. As and when you notice a spider, stand at a safe distance and observe the spider.
Realize that you are stronger than the spider and you have the power to kill it if you wish. Teach yourself to control your fears and not let your fears get the best of you. The more you observe spiders, the lesser your will fear them.
There may be several reasons for being so afraid of spiders. Many relate them to childhood experiences wherein they may have been bitten or attacked by a spider. Or it may be an inherent fear that has no logical explanation. Whatever may be the case, this phobia can be reduced to a large extent.