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A General Overview of ENTP Personality Traits

Buzzle Staff
Do you believe you are a visionary or an inventor? Take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator quiz, for you may turn out to be an ENTP. Read on to know more.

The Interesting ENTP!

☀ One of the rarest personality types.
☀ One of the most creative and innovative types.
☀ Least likely to suffer from hypertension or depression.
☀ Personality type that is least likely to smoke.
Imagine a world where there's a lot to explore, experience, and most importantly, understand. There are no worries or stress, just endless possibilities. Yes, that's an ENTP's world. ENTPs are extremely aware of their surroundings and people. They are visionaries who think beyond the mundane.
They crave for possibilities, and love coming up with innovative solutions for every problem. But, after they have found a solution, they may get bored, and may just move on, rather than completing the task at hand. That's your ENTP - pure genius, but easily distracted.
One of the 16 personality types, according to the (MBTI) Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, ENTPs are charming individuals who know how to play with words. What makes them interesting is their wit and sharp humor, which mind you, sometimes can be very sarcastic and insensitive.

Characteristics of an ENTP Personality type

E - Extraverted
ENTPs gain a lot of energy through social interactions. Their friendliness and charisma instantly attracts people toward them. They love to engage in intellectual discussions and friendly debates.
N - iNtuitive
New ideas, abstract concepts, and exciting possibilities are what these intuitive ENTPs are thinking about. Instead of living in the present, they tend to get carried away to the future. This aspect of their personality makes them restless, and sometimes they end up neglecting the task at hand.
T - Thinking
ENTPs are extremely logical and rational. They'll think about a situation from every angle, and make an intelligent decision. More than emotions, it's the logic that matters for them when taking decisions.
P - Perceiving
They are laid-back and adaptive individuals. They don't mind changes, and are flexible enough to go with the flow. They hate sticking to limits or regulations, and like to live their life on their terms. The perceiving preference can sometimes make ENTPs lazy and disorganized.

Understanding the ENTP Personality Type

You must have got a basic idea about these visionaries by now. ENTPs are fairly easy-going individuals, who can be best described in one word as 'clever'. They are always brimming with ideas, and hate to take the conventional path.
You'll always see an ENTP finding loopholes in a system, and manipulating it accordingly to his/her advantage. They never have bad intentions; it's just that they are so unique and unconventional, that it is hard to tie them down. They believe that rules are meant to be broken.
Another distinctive characteristic of an ENTP personalty type is their command over language and debating skills. They love to argue! It's the thrill of an exciting conversation, and the chance to prove someone wrong that excites them. They love long talks, creative give-and-takes, and sometimes making sarcastic comments just to irk someone.
ENTPs are tremendously energetic and enthusiastic individuals. It is hard to match up with them. They will spread this positivity and cheer to people around them as well. But they may get bored of routine tasks, and get easily irritated if they are asked to do the same thing repeatedly.
Their excitement and the urge to try something new can make them go for too many things at once, leading to leaving the task at hand incomplete. If they curtail this tendency, and completely focus on a single project, they have the potential to achieve a whole lot.
ENTPs are usually chilled-out people, who stay calm even when others are panicking. So, a stressed ENTP should always be taken seriously. To sum up, they can be easily recognized as smart, witty, and friendly individuals, who are creative and open to trying new things in life. On the other hand, they can be too laid back, casual, or even insensitive.

Strengths of an ENTP

Innovative: Trust an ENTP to come up with the most unique and offbeat solution to any problem. Whether it is their work or relationships, they'll always do something different and untried. Luckily for them, most of the time their ideas work. An ENTP will never fail to surprise you. Their approach and outlook is truly innovative.
Creative: As ENTPs hate traditions and preset conventions, they'll try to come up with something creative all the time. With their quick-thinking and flexible minds, there's never a dearth of ideas. They are the most robust individuals in a brain-storming session.
Charismatic: ENTPs have the gift of the gab; they know exactly how to floor people with their charm. But, they won't talk nice and sweet just to impress people. It's their tremendous knowledge, intellect, and humor that attracts people toward them. They are usually very popular, and make friends very easily.
Confident: ENTPs are one of the most confidant personality types around. Their knowledge, along with people skills, gives them unmatched self-assurance. They always come with bold, new ideas, and are totally sure about themselves.

Weaknesses of an ENTP

Insensitive: ENTPs may come across as insensitive to people who cannot cope up with them. They cannot handle stupidity or lameness, and can directly criticize someone if they don't reach their expectations. They focus on the bigger picture all the time, which may make them forget the little details.
Their need to experiment may not be comfortable for other personality types, who prefer to live their lives by the book. ENTPS can be blunt when dealing with such individuals.
Unable to Focus: Consistency can be a huge problem for most ENTPs. This is their biggest weakness, and could be a roadblock on their path toward success. With so many different ideas going on in their heads, they may end up jumping from one to another.
Imagine a simple situation where one has started a task, and then he comes across something more interesting. Without worrying about the consequences, he'll leave the task at hand and pursue the new one. This tendency of wanting everything in life could lead to nothing. So, they should be very careful and curb this natural instinct of theirs.
Argumentative: ENTPs argue just for the sake of arguing. They don't even mind changing sides just to create friction. Being the good orators that they are, they'll never leave a chance for an exciting debate. What is fun for them can be outright irritating for the person(s) at the other end.
Bored Easily: An ENTP hates the mundane and gets bored easily. Ask them to do the same task again and again and they'll snap. They believe that variety is the spice of life. They have this intense urge to experience everything in life. They look for new challenge everyday. But that may not be possible all the time. This could lead to irritation and laziness.

ENTP Relationships

Their enthusiastic nature makes them one of the most delightful partners. They'll find a new way to keep the relationship exciting, everyday. But, their partners should be equally energetic and open to new ideas, or else they may lose interest.
ENTPs respect honesty and directness in any relationship. They'll prefer it if you openly tell them their mistakes, rather than take the diplomatic stance. Their inherent appeal ensures that they make lots of friends.

ENTP Career Paths

  • Lawyers
  • Engineers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Scientists
  • Psychologists
  • Actors
The best thing about ENTPs is that they can thrive in any field of their choice.
But, they should understand their strengths and weaknesses too. Challenging careers, where you have to deal with a variety of situations on a regular basis, are best suited for ENTPs. They should spend a lot of time when deciding their career path, or else they may end up pursuing something totally different later.

Famous ENTPs

  • Thomas Edison
  • Leonardo da Vinci
  • Steve Wozniak
  • Barack Obama
  • Walt Disney
  • Lewis Caroll
  • Robert Downey Jr.
  • Rowan Atkinson
  • Neil Patrick Harris

Although the percentage of population with an ENTP personality type is hardly around 3%, with their intelligence and reasoning abilities, they sure are a force to reckon with!