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Criminal Psychology Careers

Dhanya Joy
Criminal psychology is a branch of psychology that deals with criminals who are not in the right frame of mind. Careers in criminal psychology has a lot of scope and can be both lucrative and taxing.
The field of criminal psychology is becoming increasingly popular. Also known as forensic psychology, it is an emerging field that offers lucrative careers for those interested. The job involves the application of psychology to the legal procedure and crime investigation.
Criminal psychologists have an important role to play in this aspect and are in great demand. There are various other fields too, where they can work and develop themselves. A list of careers related to criminal psychology is given.

Job Description

  • Forensic psychologists deal a lot with the laws and legal issues. Some of these includes the interaction with jurors and criminals, helping jurors with the decision-making process based on their observations, formulating legal evaluations, understanding criminal law and legal procedures etc.
  • Another important function of these professionals in the criminal justice system is to determine the mental state of the defendants when the crime was committed and during the legal trials.
  • This career would require you to obtain the necessary degrees and credentials.
  • You will also be expected to have excellent communication and people skills.

List of Related Careers

Clinical-Forensic Psychology

  • This is one of the most common arena of work for a qualified criminal psychologist. It is similar to other careers in clinical psychology.
  • It involves studying the mental processes and behavior of criminals to find out the reason behind the crime that has been committed.
  • The psychologist needs to do this by observation, studying the history of the criminal and by creating a case study that supports the investigation reports.

Legal Forensic Psychology

  • A legal forensic psychologist basically works as an aid to lawyers and attorneys.
  • These psychologists often advice the lawyers on the juror type suitable for that particular trial.
  • They also assist in the jury selection procedure, in formulating questions to be asked by the juror and in making trial-related decisions.
  • An important function that they perform is to make the jury aware of any mental illness that the accused is suffering from that could also be the reason behind the crime committed.

Forensic Research Psychology

  • These psychologists focus on developing new and improved methods of interrogation and assessment of eyewitnesses and criminals.
  • Policy-making with regard to juveniles and the elderly is also an area where they focus on.

Investigative Forensic Psychology

  • This is one of the most fascinating fields of criminal psychology.
  • Here, psychologists provide assistance for investigative procedures such as studying and analyzing mental processes of suspect criminals and witnesses.
  • They are also involved in criminal profiling and psychological autopsies.


  • Forensic psychologists can also work as probation or correction officers.
  • These professionals help develop prison plans where mentally ill criminals and juveniles can be kept and treated.
  • They also develop strategies that can be used for the rehabilitation and development of the prisoners.
Apart from the given career options, criminal psychologists can also have their own private practice by providing consultation services to clients and lawyers. Whatever the sub field, there is a lot of scope in all of them and all are well paying jobs. Obtain a valid degree from one of the reputed schools to make your career successful and rewarding.