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Chemical Imbalance Symptoms

Niharika Arya
Chemical imbalance symptoms can indicate towards the mental disorder of a person. Although research are still going on, to know the exact reason behind chemical imbalance, let's find out its symptoms and treatments.
Working of the brain has always been a matter of interest in the world of medical science. Researches are still not able to totally justify the cause of chemical imbalance in the brain. Some believe it is triggered due to depression or shock and some say it is caused due to the lack of nutrients and vitamins in the diet.
These all theories are being accepted by some and questioned by the others. Well, whatever be the reason behind it, chemical imbalance symptoms are common for all.
The neurotransmitters are considered responsible for the transfer of message (generated by the brain) to each and every cell of the body. These neurotransmitter are made up of various chemicals in the brain which have vitamins and minerals too.
They manage the instructions given by the brain like reflex actions, depression, happiness, etc. But once the chemical balance is disturbed, the working of brain is affected and this may lead to mental disorders. Although the causes are controversial, the symptoms can be easily figured out.

Symptoms of Chemical Imbalance

Almost all the functions of the body are governed by the brain, hence any type of mental disorder can be observed even through the changing actions. Following are some of the symptoms.


It's not always necessary that a person is depressed only when he/she has gone through some tragic incident. Depression can also be a result of chemical imbalance which can be caused due to many reasons. This may lead to distressed and disinterest in life, loss of appetite, sad thoughts, low esteem, feeling of guilt, etc. In severe conditions, a person may even commit suicide.


Anxiety shows both physical as well as metal problems. Headache, sweating, nausea, tiredness are some of the physical symptoms which are related to anxiety. Apart from this, taking unnecessary tension, worries, lots of thoughts simultaneously running in mind, etc. can be considered as mental signs of anxiety.
Any kind of phobia can also take place, as it can be considered as a part of anxiety symptoms and you may end up with increased heartbeat and shortness of breath for no reason.

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

ADHD is more frequently observed in children than in adults. This may lead to inability to pay attention and impulsive behavior. Children become uncontrollable and are unable to manage. Excessive running, playing, climbing or any kind of regress physical activity can be considered as one of the symptoms.


Chemical imbalance can take you to insomnia or sleep deprivation. Due to the imbalance, the mind is unable to relax and is in a continuous working state, resulting in sleepless nights. If somehow you manage to sleep, then also you may be unable to get quality sleep and will feel sleepy and restless the next day.

Alcohol Addiction

To get proper sleep and relief from the pain and anxiety, some people opt to consume alcohol and drugs, which they think can solve the problem. But excess intake of alcohol may increase the problem and may drag you to more complex stage.

Bipolar Disorder

This disorder reflects the sudden mood change of the person. At one moment he may be very joyful and happy, but suddenly he will become sad and depressed. Under such situations his/her behavior will become totally unpredictable and they themselves will not be able to judge their instant mood change which can be very dangerous.

Chemical Imbalance Treatment

Doctor may first advice you to undergo some tests in order to confirm the chemical imbalance in your body. If the tests are positive, then your doctor may advice you to go through some treatments. The best treatment for this condition is cognitive behavior therapy.
This therapy will help the person to understand the exact problem behind his behavior and will help him to recover faster. Apart from this, there are many medications which help in leveling up the chemicals in the brain and maintaining the balance.
For example, in depression there is a low serotonin level in the brain, hence the intake of antidepressant tablets will maintain the level of serotonin and will help the person to behave normally.
Try to figure out the chemical imbalance symptoms and consult a doctor for further treatment. Try to be happy and cheerful, as it will not cost you a penny but being depressed can definitely fill your doctors pocket. So, be happy to keep yourself chemically balanced.