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Causes of Vivid Dreams

Naomi Sarah Mar 9, 2020
The causes of vivid dreams can either be because of bad habits we indulge in, or an underlying illness that we aren't aware of. Let's take a look at what this is all about...
We have lucid dreams where we find ourselves doing things that are beyond our capabilities, but seem so easy when put to action in a dream. Sometimes the dreams feel so wonderfully real, that we wake up frustrated that none of it were true.
Sometimes if we have a lot on our minds about a certain fear, or something that may be bothering us for a while - we tend to dream it up in the most realest of forms. These dreams could be good or bad depending on how our thoughts and subconscious minds exist.
Being so realistic and hard to fathom as a dream upon awakening, vivid dreams have a way of pulling in our entire mind. The causes of vivid dreams are aplenty, with most of these revolving around how we live our lives and what situations we come across.

Causes of Vivid Dreams and Nightmares

We all have our undisturbed nights of sleep where we don't dream about anything alarming, odd or ordinary. These dreamless nights usually tend to happen when the mind is in a state of complete peace, where nothing overly huge comes in to disrupt our sleep.
Sometimes even if you are consciously at peace, your subconscious could be disturbed about something / someone who is still eating away at you, but not doing it up front. These can allow dreams to take form, leaving you frightful, dazed or incredulous once you awake.
Having nightmares while being pregnant can be quite petrifying to bear witness to. Many women have dreams where they see themselves slicing open their abdomens and removing their own newborns or even dreaming up deformed babies.
To-be mothers also have dreams that revolve around not being prepared to be a mother and so on. These are in no way a kind of dark hidden message that something bad is about to occur, but of dreams that stem from the worries of expectant mothers, which is quite natural. Let's take a look at what other reasons add up to the experience of a lucid dream.

Stressful Situations

People who go through near-death experiences or have recently been through a painful incident of losing a loved one, tend to dream up vivid dreams. Accidents, witnessing a death, going through a kind of trauma that puts one in a state of shock/depression, can all trigger one's mind to conjure up lucid dreams.
Even things in one's life, like family troubles or pressure at work can trigger nightmares. Not all dreams will circulate around upsetting themes, where some can be quite normal when experienced.

Drug / Alcohol Abuse

Drugs like lariam, barbiturates, antidepressants and narcotics, can lead one to see vivid dreams, which are more distressing than pleasant. Those who drink excess alcohol, will experience nightmares more so than normal dreams, where over time this can lead to more disturbing ones.
Even drinking a little which is enough to make you drowsy, can lead to lucid dreaming. Alcohol withdrawal is another major reason why people who quit witness vivid dreams.

Diets Manipulate Dreams

Spicy foods have been known to instigate dreams, where even fat-based foods can make you see these with extreme clarity. Those who suffer from low blood sugar, will see a lot of lucid dreams, where protein is known to cut down the occurrences and intensities of these dreams.
If you have high levels of vitamin B6 in your system, you are likely to dream quite often. If not taken care of immediately, this could lead to a complicated neurological disorder. It could also mean that you are suffering from either narcolepsy or apnea. Have yourself examined if the dreams are extremely lucid and if they take place quite often.
To be able to sleep more peacefully, it is important to work out issues when they're happening and not keep them piling off to one corner of your mind. Meditation and breathing exercises will help your mind and body remain in a constant state of relaxation. Drink a nice hot cup of cocoa before bedtime, or listen to some soothing music before you go to sleep.